Frequently asked questions

  • How do I log in?

To log in to the Platform, use the login block at the top of the right column on the main page or the Login screen - link Log in in the upper right corner of the page. Then enter your login and password and click the Log in button. For new Users (Students): the login is the number of the album / index, and you will receive a temporary password in the email from the Administrator after creating the account. Change the password immediately after logging in for the first time. You can read more about logging in here .

In case of problems with logging in, contact the Administrator (moodle@mans.org.pl), by providing the name and surname, as well as the index number and the student group.

  • I have not received an e-mail with the password, why?

Accounts on the Platform are created by the Administrator at the beginning of the semester for new student groups. To properly set up an account in Moodle, you need the following data: name, surname, album / index number and the e-mail address provided during the recruitment for which you will receive a temporary password. This information is collected from the Dean's Office database. The reasons why you did not receive the e-mail may be as follows:

  1. missing or incorrect e-mail in the Dean's office database;
  2. our mail server is unable to deliver mail to the recipient's server (often in the case of domains like mail.ru or yandex.ru) or the message ended up in spam;
  3. the student was later added to the group (e.g. during later recruitment or an individual course of study).

In all of the above cases, contact the Administrator in person.

  • How to contact the Administrator?

The most convenient way is to use the e-mail: moodle@mans.org.pl, or by phone: +48 22 5900845. You can also visit us in person during the week (Mon-Fri 10.00-15.00) in room A002 (ground floor in the old building). Logged in users can also use the Chat .

  • How can I sign up for the course?
  • In the list of courses, after expanding the Category of interest to us, on the right side, next to the course name, there are status icons (their appearance may differ depending on the selected topic of the page) defining the method of enrolling in a specific course:

    • guest  means that the course is available to guests, i.e. to everyone, even without logging in
    • guest password  means that the course is available to Guests who know the password received from the Lecturer;
    • user  means the course is available for self-enrollment for logged in users - in this case, when you try to enter the course, you will see the Enroll me button;
    • user password  means the course available for self-registration for logged in users who know the access password - then, in addition to the Enroll me button, we will see a text field in which to enter the password received from the Lecturer;
    • the lack of any of the above icons means that only the Teacher or Administrator can sign up for the course;
    •   allows you to display additional information about the course (teacher, summary).

  • What about users whose first language is not Polish?

The courses are basically in Polish, but you can of course start a forum discussion or chat in your own language and encourage others to respond by creating a small student community. In the top panel there is a language change menu that allows you to adjust the website language to your requirements. On the other hand, the language of the resources and the activity of the course itself depend solely on its Creator, usually the Lecturers.

  • Why can't I submit a job?

Most likely, the deadline for its completion indicated in the task has already passed. Please consult the Lecturer.

  • I completed the task on time, why haven't I received the Lecturer's grade so far?

And this is a question for the Lecturer why there is no time to give grades wink

  • I am a lecturer, in my course there is a News Forum where I can write, but students cannot reply to my entries, why?

The news forum is automatically created for each course by default. Its purpose is to enable the lecturer to convey messages and messages to students. If we want students to be able to respond to our entries, create a new forum - the so-called "Standard Forum for general use". In such a forum, all course participants can write - and reply to entries -. However, if the news forum is not needed, Lecturers can simply be hidden from students. This forum cannot be deleted.

  • I am a lecturer, can I make a copy of my course?

Backups of the courses are made automatically at least once a week. Of course, nothing prevents you from backing up your course yourself. To do this, click on the 'Backup' link in the Administration block of your course page and follow the instructions. Later, the backup file can be downloaded to your computer and then restored on another Moodle site. More information on this topic:

Blok administracyjny z odnośnikiem do wypisu

  • How can I unsubscribe from the course?

You can unsubscribe from each course you enrolled in on your own by clicking the link 'Unsubscribe me from ...' in the Administration block on the course website.

Last modified: Thursday, 29 December 2022, 8:25 AM